As one of two segments of the holiday gift guides for 2018, this one is dedicated for ones who are looking at gifts (for others, or yourself!) that are more catered to your mental, physical, and emotional health. Looking at the past year, I could definitely have taken more self-care, and learned lots about what I needed.

essential oils

as you may know, I love my essential oils and diffusers. thankfully for the Saje Aroma Time Ultrasonic Diffuser, I get to fall asleep with an oil blend that helps me relax, and wake up with one that helps ease into a busy day. my all-time favourites: tranquility + liquid sunshine .


a great gift for someone who already has a diffuser: Signature Selection Diffuser Blend collection. It has all the best-selling oils and I can advocate for this whole-heartedly because I use all of them for different occasions, stress levels, mood, mindset, you name it.


or if you want a stocking stuffer, I’d highly recommend the Down to Earth diffuser blend collection— it has two blends that are perfect for the one who’s always hustling, and deserve some TLC.


meditation-headspaceevery morning before leaving the house, I dedicate some time for meditation through the Mindfulness app. It’s guided meditation with different topics and focuses. It’s super easy and honestly had made a huge difference in starting the day.


another helper of mine is the Five Minute Journal. it was a gift to me a few months ago and it helps put things into perspective. when it feels like there’s absolutely nothing but craziness, it helps to reflect upon the positives and write down the thoughts first thing in the morning and right before going to sleep.



if you’re like me… I find cleaning therapeutic. it’s just so relieving when you have a clean space but I dislike the smell of chemicals. over the past few months I’ve been using Saje’s cleaning product line and boy did it make it so much easier on the breathing. especially for the moms out there, with the babies/kids around, we have to be so careful of what we surround ourselves with. this Kitchen Party Clean Up collection is perfect for the hostess with the mostess!


you’ve seen it here on the blog and through my instagram- i love going to studios to mix up my fitness routine. perhaps a class-pack or membership for someone who loves getting a sweat in!

challenge yourself and get some new personal bests: Crush Camp

increase flexibility, improve posture, tone muscles and leaner body: Junction 9 (pilates + yoga)

low impact, some cardio, tone smaller muscles: Barre Belle


after that obviously we need to recover those hard working muscles! Saje has a new kit called The Pain Duo. it comes with 2 accuballs which are perfect to get those nasty little spots. what’s perfect is the pairing with the pain release oil which helps relieve the minor aches and pain.


as you all know, I’m a Löschn fan. theres so many benefits behind the Löschn method which I’ve blogged about before! it has helped tremendously in getting the lymphatic drainage going, reduce inflammation and tension from TMJ and migraines.

these have been absolute faves in my day to day routine- of course, spending quality time, disconnecting from the outside world could be the best gift this holiday season.