Recently I got a new job, and with a new job comes with learning curves, bigger responsibilities, and opportunities.

You hear it all the time that there’s no time to do certain things, and perhaps you also have said it yourself.

Even when I had two part-time jobs during the first couple of years of university, it was always go-go-go but thanks to the high school program that I was in, I learned to organize and delegate my priorities real quick.




With a full time job, that’s 40 hours.

+ meal prepping, that’s another 4 hours. (Including driving time to the go buy groceries, going home and cook it)

+ on content creation, that’s 5 hours throughout the week.

+ time to be on social media, that’s 2 hours a day, 14 hours a week.

+ workout 3-5 hours a week.

that all in all is 68 hours in a week that I have things planned out.

Sometimes it gets overwhelming of what needs to get done and then we end up brushing it off for “do it later” and become unproductive.

Psychologically, we get a sense of satisfaction when we cross something off a checklist.

I have began integrating the Focus Journal into my daily routines. I like writing things down as much as everything is digitalized. But I remember when I physically write stuff down. So, whether it’s within a day that it needs to be completed or within a week, I can set it up on these pages.

Talking about work-life balance, there are sections for ‘fun’ and ‘well-being’. It was like we were meant to be!

Learn more about them here + the discount will be automatically applied for your own Focus Journal (