BEACH BEAUTY | toxic-free + cruelty-free

BEACH BEAUTY | toxic-free + cruelty-free

There are so many things that we inhale, ingest, and absorb on a day-to-day basis that we can be mindful to what we are putting on our bodies. From our skincare to makeup, the less chemicals we use on a daily basis, the better our health becomes in the long run. Of course in the teenage years and through social media, we see caked faces, contouring, all the products that we think we should be putting on our skin to look ‘beautiful’ when we are most beautiful at our true, natural state.

It is so important that we start from treating our bodies inside out. While I won’t be covering nutrition and food, those two are so incredibly important to have that natural glow and growth.

Once in awhile I like to rejuvenate and help reset- skin, nails, hands, feet. My go-to for everything cruelty-free and toxic-free is BEACH Beauty. For me, if I’m spending the money, I’d like to spend it where I know 1. the products will work, 2. the time and attention is there, and 3. choice of products.

I had the pleasure of getting the ‘GREASE, Deep Cleansing Facial‘. The staff here at BEACH are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful to encourage you to be have a better understanding of your skin. This facial includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, relieving eye compress, extended steam, hand massage during steam, full face extractions, second cleanse, tone, and a BEACH fassage using a balancing facial serum.

love getting facials done- my skincare regime, is simple but sometimes you need a full reset. It was very relaxing, and my skin was visibly clearer, and brighter.

If your skin needs more attention, sometimes a facial every 2-3 weeks would be beneficial but for me, I am determined to get into it perhaps every 4-6 weeks.


Many people know me to have gel nails with fancy designs. I love them, and I wish my nails could be long without it being chipped during workouts or at work. However, after some time, I have to give them a break and to go for the right products. Their ‘STRAIGHT UP manicure’ includes nail shaping, cuticle tidy up, hot towel wrap, coconut oil application, and massage. Everything to get those cuticles and nails looking fresh.

BEACH uses BioSeaweed polish and it’s without extra charge from the regular nail polish. BEACH is also the only place I go for my pedicures because no one does a pedicure like BEACH does with nail shaping, cuticle tidy up, heel buff, hot stone soak and sugar scrub, hot towel wrap, coconut oil application, and massage all using safe products.

The giveaway is up on Instagram to win a mani + pedi – be sure to check it out!