Bone Broth?

With such busy schedules, sometimes we create meals that may not be the best for our bodies. Or when we’re craving for soup, we just open up a can and take it from there.

Bo & Marrow is a good example of a local company that wants to make it easier for everyone to take in some nutrients and benefits that we would be lacking if we were too busy to create healthy meals.

You can enjoy it by the cup or make a meal!

These broths are so good and definitely use a stove top as some of the nutrients are lost when it’s microwaved.

Ways I enjoy my broth:

  • Straight up
    • boil, sip and enjoy!
  • Make a healthy pho
    • brown rice + quinoa ramen noodles, omega 3 egg, some lime to enhance the flavour, and bean sprouts to top it up!
  • Create a stew
    • Add all the ingredients you desire and voila!



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