Crushing 2018

Crushing 2018

New year, new you, new me, new goals. My first blog post for 2018 will go through what I’ve been hooked on: CrushCamp.

To upkeep with my health and being active, I tend to jump between multiple studios in order to get “enough” for my body. Having used to play sports competitively when I was in school, I crave for the sweat and the endurance. Typically, I do spin, yoga, barre and boxing, 5 workouts a week- depending what I feel like doing and some days I’d have to do 2 classes in order to really feel “fulfilled”.

Knowing 2018 is yet another crazy year, I needed to make sure not only am I prioritizing my health and active lifestyle, I needed to manage the amount of time I’m spending working out. We all want effective workouts.

When I was younger, I ran short distance a lot. I never ran a marathon before, but my coaches would have us running 3-4km once a week. It was a love/hate relationship. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t run. There was something about it that didn’t make me as interested in it as circuits, strength training, etc.

Even for those 50 minute spin classes, they feel like a warm up for me. I didn’t see the change in my body that I was hoping for. Especially since my coaches always used 1km runs (that included uphills and downhills) as our warm up, a spin class was great to get the blood flowing but enough to make me feel “fuelled”.

At CrushCamp, the first class was hard. I was breathless the entire time, I haven’t had such a good push in a group workout since high school days training with my team. This is when I knew this is the place for me to get my workouts in. It’s great for all levels and with options for any injuries!

CrushCamp is not your typical workout that you should do every day- it pushes you for that full body workout that you shouldn’t even need to workout the next day. The next day should be recovery and perhaps even some yoga to stretch it all out.

CrushCamp is your true full body workout. I’ve done barre, boxing, spin and they don’t do as good of a job as CrushCamp in terms of balancing out the entire body throughout the class.

They incorporate the SkillMill- it is a treadmill that does not have a motor so it is self-propelled = full body workout. Who else hates running on a tread mill? I do. The floor moves on its own, it doesn’t require your hamstrings and glutes as much. The SkillMill on the other hand is fantastic for activating all your leg muscles, glutes and even abs! There are different options to using the SkillMill. Pushes, pulls, shuffles, you name it.

Half the class is spent on the SkillMill, the other half on the floor doing some strength training and dumbbells/kettlebells.

Your heart rate stays up the entire class ensuring maximum output. After a workout, you should feel refreshedand strong. I’ve gone to several classes and each one has been different, each one has been challenging and each one has left me feeling revived.

Their current challenge for the 60 days is one that is meant to empower you and motivate you. They remind you that you are strong, and that we are all capable of something. It is not your typical ’30 in 30′ challenges- realistically some of these challenges that are out there exhaust your body out and it isn’t sustainable in the long run. Their challenge incorporates nutrition, self-love, working out with a friend, learning more about your body, and sharing wins.

Huge thank you to Mia from the wellth for crushing this workout with me!

photography: @sunnyhmoon

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