Nothing like coming back to Calgary and heading to Kit + Ace on the weekend to do a fit session with their beautiful pieces!

Kit + Ace: Brand

I love Kit + Ace- the branding, the community, the love and integrity that they stand for. I was always a window shopper when it came to Kit + Ace, seeing the prices, it was more of a “sticker shocker” than “hey I’m going to drop $400 on a sweater”. Contrary, my full time job with a high end retailer involves training and educating customers and staff so being able to see both sides of the perspective was beneficial to understand why Kit + Ace can be considered as “luxury”.

My style

I am always on the go- there’s some kind of work that I’m doing from 7am-9pm that I don’t have the luxury of spending all the time in the world to decide on what to wear the day of. I transitioned into a more minimalistic approach to my wardrobe. Lots of monotone, lots of layering, and lots of pieces that you can dress up or down so that you have your what I call “smart casual” to a dinner date with the girls after work.

When the Kit + Ace team reached out to see if I was interested in doing a fit session, I typed up a reply before I even finished reading the email. I was beyond excited. (Especially when it’s something to look forward to coming back to a chilly, cold Calgary.)

Kit + Ace Collection

Their pieces are so easy to pair together and build a beautiful wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with monochromatic colours in the wardrobe because black, greys and whites all go together so well.

When I was looking at the pieces that I already have in my wardrobe and what I could replace it with from Kit + Ace, it surprised me when I think about it mindfully because there are some pieces that I paid more for but starts piling after several washes, and pieces that are going to be extra $ (40-50) but they have the quality and longevity that I am looking for.

I’ve got my black dresses, my tops, and skirts, but they wear out. Especially when you’re someone who wears the staple LBD often to work or to go out because you seek for versatile pieces. But when you are looking for versatile pieces, they essentially become investment pieces. If you love something, I believe in investing in it because what if the piece wears out and you need another one? Are you spending double the amount or are you able to still wear it multiple years because of how great the quality is?

I got to try on all the outfits above but here are two of them!


This outfit includes the:

–  Prevose Sleeveless in grey

Mulberry Pant in black

Comforter wrap in heather


This is perfect for work!

PS: I love the comforter wrap. You can have it as a long cardigan style for dresses/skirts or flip it upside down and have it like this where it’s a mid-length that would be suitable for pants!







The beginning of a new kind of collection: washable silk!

We love our silks and I wear my silk tops to work but we all know after a few wears, they lose their colour overtime.

This is the All Buttoned Up Silk Dress.

It’s pre-washed so that way it stays that colour after wears and washes.

It is oh so comfortable.

I love shirt dresses- they make being dressed to go to work so much easier.

This is a bit of a bigger fit on me even though I had the smallest size on (size small), so if you are petite like me, their silk dress may not be a great fit for you. (*fingers crossed* for XS coming!)



I started to do some calculations throughout each outfit because I have lots of Artizia pieces because I’m the Wilfred/Babaton style kind of person and they are one of the few brands that carry XXS or 00 in dresses. But looking back at my Artizia turtlenecks, black silk dresses, etc, I would much prefer to invest in these Kit + Ace pieces now. I can go through 2 Wilfred silk dresses within a year because they are so high maintenance to clean and with colours fading, but with the silk dress from kit and ace, it’ll be a resident in the wardrobe for a several seasonal rotations.


A huge thank you to the Kit + Ace team at Mount Royal Village for the hospitality and invite to this fit sessions.