It’s been a minute! Whenever it’s summer time, I want to minimize the amount of products that I put on my face. But I also do not want to have to go through a facials that use 5+ products each time, when I don’t typically use those exact products.

When Loschn first launched, I was super eager to try it out. After my first time, I was hooked (in a good way). I am all for methods that build on what is internal to help build the external. The Loschn method does just that.

I have TMJ so during stressful times my jaw definitely swells up, with blemishes that come along every month, and general areas of inflammation– all got minimized and resolved through Loschn. After doing the 12 treatments over the course of 2 months, my skin has been maintained incredibly well! I now go for maintenance treatments once in awhile when my skin is definitely feeling more inflamed.

Some common areas of concern:

  • “double chin” which really is just fluid and Loschn helps reduces that!
  • blemishes
  • inflammation
  • sinus drainage
  • creating more of a define jawline and cheekbones

I got to talk to Dr. Robin Scholz, founder of the Loschn method and got some answers to some of your FAQs that were submitted to me through IG!

Q: What sets Loschn apart from other facials?

A:┬áLoschn is a dry facial. It’s not about the creams and the potions. It’s about the soft tissue techniques and this method goes deep using the tissue. When we do it, we can feel the damage so we can tailor to those areas creating more thorough, deeper results that last longer. Wherever you think is fat, it’s fluid.

Q: Is it for all skin types?

A: Yes- common areas of concern include discolouration, dry patches, blemishes.

Q: How many treatments before I start seeing results? How often should I get a treatment?

A: You will see the results after the first time. It takes about 12 treatments to get your skin and body trained, which can be 2 times a week for 3-4 weeks.

Q: What words come to mind when you think of Loschn?

A: Alternative to invasive procedures. Natural. Fast. Complete. Empowering.

Don’t forget– you can get 20% off your first appointment!

Hope you find Loschn just as helpful as I have!