I was one of those people that resisted exercising until I was fully certain that I would be able to. I was scared to do anything more than walking. But really, it was critical for my body to get moving again.

I had first tore a ligament in my ankle during a tournament… it took awhile for recovery and then my knee started having irritations. It’s always hard to get back into physical activity after an injury but I was introduced to pilates. The concept of it was amazing- low impact but still a workout that will leave you feeling accomplished.

I began doing some pilates that helped with aligning my body back to normal. During the time I had to use crutches, it threw my body alignment off and my whole body was just wonky.

After a few basic pilates classes I moved onto the next few levels that challenged the core and breathing- everything that I lacked strength in after months of minimal to zero physical activity. Not only can you build strength but it’s also great for stretching those muscles out.

What pilates help with:

  • alignment
  • flexibility
  • joint mobility
  • muscle tone + strength
  • muscle elasticity

When it came to post-surgery, it was my go-to. I wasn’t able to do any barre, running, but I was working towards getting back to spinning. It helped get my body get back to moving and getting that tone back in.

If you haven’t tried pilates, I’d recommend it! Lots of athletes do pilates to help balance out their muscles!

Huge thank you to Junction 9 for this opportunity to showcase my love for pilates & Amy from Modern Nest Photography for capturing our love for workouts together!